Bringing Real Freedom to Your Enterprise Cloud

OpenNebula is an enterprise-ready platform that helps you build an Elastic Private Cloud. Avoid risks and vendor lock-in by choosing a powerful, but easy-to-use, open source solution. Run containerized applications from Kubernetes and Docker Hub, while ensuring enterprise requirements for your DevOps practices.

Combine VMware and KVM virtual machines for fully virtualized clouds, incorporate LXD system containers, or use Firecracker micro-VMs for your serverless deployments. Embrace Hybrid and Edge Computing growing your Enterprise Cloud on-demand with infrastructure resources from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Packet.

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See why so many companies count on OpenNebula for running their business and the key features of the open source platform-of-choice for the private cloud.


Get your hands on the OpenNebula software, as well as, the extensive set of resources available to get your private cloud up and running.


Review the various ways to contribute to its development – not only can you reap the benefits of its current version, but you can contribute to its ongoing evolution.


Get involved and contribute to the Community – from giving advice and technical support to other users, to spread our word and develop tools around OpenNebula.

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